Popular boutique hotels in Miami

Over the years, there has been a shift when it comes to seeking places to stay. More people are leaning towards getting accommodation in boutique hotels as compared to chain hotels. If you are in Miami and you are looking for a unique experience that will make your visit more interesting, some of the boutique hotels you should consider include:

The Plymouth

This boutique hotel has been in existence since the 1940s but it has never lost its charm. It has a vast swimming pool and a Sushi bar and grill. Plymouth also has a bamboo bar that has unique lounge chairs. The rooms have a homely feeling with big bathrooms and sophisticated interior decor.

Gale South Beach

One of the things that set aside a boutique hotel is the attention to detail that was given to every item in the facility. At Gale South Beach, you will find framed photos that date back to decades ago hanging on the wall. The hardwood floors provide a beautiful contrast to the cream decor on the wall. They provide fun activities at night by having a DJ on the decks and tasty cocktails.


For people who are looking for accomodation that is not so crowded, Langford gives the best solution. The menu is personalised and made to fit individual needs. The presence of a roof top bar is an added advantage for people who are looking for a peaceful place to unwind while visiting Miami. They only have 14 rooms in each floor, so you do not have to worry about shuffling footsteps and constant noise as is sometimes common with chain hotels.

Room Mate Lord Balfour

The art in this boutique hotel is inspired by tattoos and sculptures. As the name suggests, the hotels pays homage to Lord Balfour and the ceiling is decorated with his quotes. They have a collection where they store their art and a concierge desk.