Outstanding places in wonderful Miami

When Miami is mentioned, most people always think of the beaches and weather. However, Miami is much more than the beaches. There are many other things that make up wonderful Miami. Some of the reasons you should visit Miami are:

It has amazing vintage items

If you are a collector o vintage items, you will feel right at home when visiting Miami. Spots like Consign of the Times and the Rabbit Hole give a good shopping experience. The vintage shops have good bargains and you can always shop and put your items in a storage facility if you want to continue sightseeing without luggage.

The streets are iconic and vibrant

One of the notable streets is Ocean Drive where things come alive in Miami. Along the street, you will find the News Cafe where you can access a good number of international publications and watch as people walk around. There are also shopping malls and musicians who throng the area to entertain guests.

The seafood is delicious

If you are in Miami, you should definitely try out the sea food. They are freshly caught from the ocean and as crunchy as they can be. There are crabs, oysters and many more sea delicacies. You can access all the sea food you want at Captain Jim seafood market restaurant. At that spot, you an sample out the seafood and only buy what you feel is delicious.

It has beautiful golf courses

For people who enjoy a game of golf, Miami golf courses are a place of marvel. You can visit the Miami Springs Golf Club or the renowned Greynolds golf course . You do not have to be a golfer to enjoy the golf courses. Even people who want to engage in light exercises can visit the vast golf courses and engage in some sporting activities while appreciating the greenery around the courses.