Must visit areas in Miami

When it comes to touristic attractions, Miami does not need any introduction. The beautiful weather coupled with the scenery is what makes it a preferred choice for people around the world. Some of the places you must visit when you are in Miami are:

Jungle Island

Jungle island is located in Watson Island which is considered one of the popular attractions in Miami. If you are at the South Beach, it will only take you a few minutes for you to get to the Jungle Island. While at the island, you can watch the numerous wildlife in the area or engage in the fulfilling walk as you embrace nature.

Bayside Marketplace

This expansive marketplace has more than 100 shops and restaurants that fit into every tourist’s needs. It also has popular chain stores for people who want to have a feeling of being in a mall.

Just like the name suggests, the Bayside marketplace is located at the waterfront of Miami. Other than providing a unique shopping experience, it also has people who set up a live band to entertain you as you go about your shopping experience.

Little Havana

If you want to experience the life of the locals in Miami, then little Havana is the place to go. The place is dotted with restaurants that serve specialty foods and there are entertainment joints playing cultural songs.

Admire Freedom Tower

This tower played an important role in documenting and counting the many refugees who were arriving from Cuba. It stands as a tall skyscraper that tells the history of immigration and as a reminder of the oppression that they experienced while fleeing from an oppressive regime.

Miami Sea Aquarium

This spot is a favorite for those who want to watch dolphins displaying love for one another or sharks majestically swimming in water. The aquarium is home to rehabilitated endangered species of sea mammals. They also display several tropical fish and alligators.